It’s Yum Cha time at Sian | VIVANTA CHENNAI, IT Expressway

It’s Yum Cha time at Sian | VIVANTA CHENNAI, IT Expressway

SIAN, the contemporary Chinese restaurant at VIVANTA CHENNAI, IT Expressway invites you to a Chinese dining experience like no other – the Yum Cha! Literally meaning ‘drink tea’, Yum Cha is a time-honoured Chinese ritual where families come together in the afternoons to savour baskets of dim sums, teas and other dishes.  

At Sian, the Master Dim Sum Chef presents a delightful lunch menu complete with three different baskets of non-vegetarian dim sums for the meat, seafood and poultry aficionado, and two different baskets for the vegetarian palate, apart from a choice of floral tea blends, soups, beverages and desserts.

The Hakka steamed non-vegetarian dim sum basket comprises har gau, scallop shumai, Chinese chive dumpling, corn and prawn dumpling; while the Hakka fried and crunchy dim sum platter of chicken sesame ball, seafood puff, roast duck roll uses three kinds of meat, interpreting the element of crunch in three different ways. Another dim sum trio that is handcrafted and served, showcasing traditional and authentic Chinese ingredients and flavours comes with the signature crispy lamb puff, chilli crab dumpling and the decadent prawn har gao.

For the vegetarian palate, it is the steamed dim sum basket of black fungus dumpling, mapo sauce dumpling, chive dumpling, and crystal dumpling; while the fried dim sum vegetarian platter comes with pumpkin puff, radish puff, beancurd and mushroom puff.

Savour these along with a bespoke pot of floral tea blends, Chef’s choice of vegetarian or non-vegetarian soup of the day; signature non-alcoholic cocktail (Jasmine Ecstasy, Mango Mint Cooler or Sian Breeze) or the House special alcoholic cocktails – The Divine Lychee Martini(lychees, lime and orange cream bitters),  or  The  Oriental Old Fashioned (a twist on the classic Old Fashioned inspired by the traditional Chinese ingredients like Salted Plum Vinegar); followed by a choice of  Sian heavenly dessert specials - mango and coconut iced truffle,mango cheese cakes and white and dark chocolate macaroons, our Chef’s tribute to the Chennai gourmet connoisseur’s sweet tooth.

Come, experience the essence of Yum Cha with family and friends at Sian, VIVANTA CHENNAI, l IT Expressway.

June 19 onwards  |  Only Lunch  |  INR 1500 plus taxes (Non Vegetarian & includes one mocktail)   |  INR 1200 plus taxes (Vegetarian & includes one  mocktail)   |  INR 300 extra for one cocktail  |  For more details contact +91 44 6680 2500