Ariel and Hello English spread the message of gender equality amongst users through App

Ariel and Hello English spread the message of gender equality amongst users through App

South Indian Star Nikki Galrani reveal the Partnership of Hello English App and Arile to spread message of Household equality

South Indian Star Nikki Galrani emphasised on the need for both genders to learn basic life skills to stay ahead

 Chennai, June 3rd, 2019 – Ariel- the leading detergent brand from P&G announced association with world’s second largest language learning app- Hello English, to encourage app-learners to inculcate basic life skills as a step towards eradicating gender disparity that exists in Indian Households. With Ariel’s latest campaign, Sons #ShareTheLoad, the leading detergent brand has left no stone unturned to educate young boys the values of composite learning that involves learning the household chores like laundry, cooking etc. The association with Hello English app reiterates that as we teach our sons how to pursue a career and give them the right exposure for it, it’s also extremely important that we add to the lessons by inculcating the values and equipping them to #ShareTheLoad when they become partners tomorrow.

Joining Hello English app and Ariel to spread the message of equality was South Star sensation NIKKI GALRANI. She spoke about how it is the need of the hour to engrain values like #ShareTheLoad in people at large. Hello English app has not just young students but even housewives, mothers and young professionals as users. Since seeing is believing, the initiative to integrate the message of household equality in the app itself is appealing and rewarding as users of the app are already in learning mode and would reciprocate better to any new learning. The event highlighted the need for everyone in the society to progress towards Equal Homes and that can only happen by eliminating the stains of disparity and gender biases that exists in most households in India. 

Hello English app is an English coaching app for speakers of twelve Indian languages including Hindi, Tamil, Bengali and Punjabi. It provides customized learning and helps improve English through audio lessons, games and news-based comprehension quizzes. Ariel through its award-winning movement strongly advocates that in order to change the mindset and stereotypes of the nation related to gender biases, it is crucial to educate not just children but mothers as well as they are the ones who lay the foundation of learning for their kids and are the real change makers of the society.  Hello English app brings lot of mothers and children of both gender on one platform to understand the need to #ShareTheLoad.

Leading South Star sensation Nikki Galrani said, “I am truly impressed with how Ariel thought of Hello English as a touch point to spread the message of equality. All-round development of the next generation requires them to be equipped with strong academics, but along with life lessons that will make them equal partners in the future. Users enrolled with the app will get to learn how to start sharing the load at home. While girls of today can handle anything be it a basketful of dirty clothes or a competitive exam, boys of today are often unable or unwilling to participate in household chores. I just want to tell users of Hello English app that while you combat your fears and excel in the language, do embrace the values of #ShareTheLoad and see how your confidence shoots up. And a message to the moms out there - it’s time we raise our sons the way we’ve been raising our daughters!”

Arvind Kumar, Lead Salesfrom Hello English appsaid, “Our platform garners immense reach on a daily basis. With the association with Ariel, we have been able to leverage this reach towards building a more equal tomorrow. Ariel is committed to improving the lives of the consumers and creating happier homes, and this is enhanced when family members share household responsibilities. While Hello English app simplifies the process of learning and excelling in English for users across cities, Ariel with laundry at its centre continues to build a diverse, empowering and gender neutral eco-system both at home and at workplace so that we can rapidly bridge the gender inequality gap in our society. We are truly excited about this partnership, and we are already seeing a strong response to the equality lessons from our users. The message is resonating with them, and we are proud to have been a part of this movement by leveraging our app to spread the message of household equality.”

Nikki Galrani also revealed 73 million views placard- that’s the kind of success Ariel Sons #ShareTheLoad has garnered so far-the movement that was initiated on January 24, 2019. Ariel has been unearthing the reality of inequality within households since 2015, and with their 2019 campaign Sons #ShareTheLoad Ariel raised a pertinent question, “Are we teaching our sons what we are teaching our daughters.” Ariel believes that one of the prime factors for the existing household inequality is that the sons of today are not taught to, and not equipped to share the load at home. It is the sons of today who will become partners of tomorrow and it’s crucial that they are also taught household chores like laundry, cooking, etc. so that we are equipped to progress towards a more balanced and equal society. Ariel continues to have this conversation by making laundry the face of the movement against inequality within households, because with Ariel, anyone can get best results no matter who does the laundry.

Link of the campaign Ariel Sons #ShareTheLoad