Apollo Hospitals Grouphost ‘Futuring Cardiac Care Summit’ to foster discussions on prevention and eradication of Heart Disease

Apollo Hospitals Grouphost ‘Futuring Cardiac Care Summit’ to foster discussions on prevention and eradication of Heart Disease

Apollo Hospitals Group and Wellysis a spinoff company of Samsung SDS South Korea have signed an MoU to develop, manufacture and commercialise cardiac wellness, diagnostic, monitoring and therapeutic devices : From Left: Dr. Hari Prasad, President Apollo Hospitals Group, Mr. Rick Hongryul Kim, CTO/CMO & Co-Founder, Wellysis, Dr. Prathap C Reddy, Founder Chairman Apollo Hospitals Group, Ms. Preetha Reddy, Vice Chairperson Apollo Hospitals Group, Ms.Sangita Reddy, Joint Managing Director Apollo Hospitals Group at the launch of Apollo Cardiac Command Centre.

Summit provides platform for stakeholders to come together 
and develop action steps.

28 September, 2019, Chennai: Apollo Hospitals Group hosted thefirst “Futuring Cardiac Care Summit” on 28th September in Chennai. The summit provides insights and perspectives that have the potential to transform the efforts towards prevention and eradication of heart disease. 

Bringing together all stakeholders on a single platform, the Futuring Cardiac Care Summit brought together key partners, expert clinical consultants, prevention specialists and Apollo Hospitals’ leadership to develop targeted recommendations and specific action steps towards reversing the epidemic of heart disease. The summit brought to the fore the synergy between modern cardiac care delivery and technology adoption for a disease free India.

Dr. Prathap C. Reddy, Founder and Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group,said, “Cardiovascular disease is one of the major NCDs and the leading cause of death with India having the highest burden of cardiovascular disease in the world. We need to acknowledge this crisis and take urgent action to prevent and reverse the rise in cardiovascular diseases. The Futuring Cardiac Care Summit is an important step in this direction, and provides a platform to bring together the physician and public health community to develop targeted recommendations and specific action steps. This summit is a beginning to initiate a systemic process for developing possible outcomes and planning for the future.  Apollo team, as a futurist is willing to explore changes and innovate with you. Together, we will free INDIA from cardiac disease!”

The two highlights of the summit were:
•    Apollo Hospitals Group sign MoU with Wellysis to set up joint venture in Chitoor, Andhra Pradesh:

Apollo Hospitals Group and Wellysis a spinoff company of Samsung SDS South Korea have signed anMoU to develop, manufacture and commercialise cardiac wellness, diagnostic, monitoring and therapeutic devices, which would have a positive impact on people across the world. 
The joint venture will be set up in Chitoor, Andhra Pradesh. The MoU was exchanged by Mr.Rick Hongryul Kim, CTO/CMO & Co-Founder, Wellysis; and Dr.Hari Prasad, Group President, Apollo Hospitals Group; in the august presence of Dr.Prathap C. Reddy, Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group.

•    Demonstration of Cardiac Command Centre: 
The demonstration of the Cardiac Command Centre with modern connected technologies enabling Tele ECH Monitoring, CICU monitoring, Tele ECHO Monitoring ,Remote Cathlab and ER Response Module. The Cardiac Command Centre will also have facilities for training and development, and a management dashboard for tracking and control. Over 40 such command centres are already live across Apollo Hospitals Group. Any doctor across the country can register for the Command Centre and gain access to the knowledge and experience of over 300 cardiologists across Apollo Hospitals’ ecosystem. 

Dr. Sangita Reddy, Joint Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals Group, said, “There has been a massive increase in deaths due to heart diseases in the last three decades. Our country has only 4,000 cardiologists as compared to the 88,000 that we should ideally have. It is a huge gap to cover and the best way to start covering this gap is through technology. The goal of this initiative is to come together, witness, discuss and learn from each other new ways of addressing cardiology. Robotics, AI, Tele-cardiology… these are some things we know happening today.  But do we experience how these innovations are applied to our practice? How we can use and potentially leverage them to create new innovations, processes, & future that we are not thinking today. We hope this summit will help open-up such foresights and possibilities that will lead to a cardiac disease free world. The Cardiac Command Centre with high end screening tools along with the National Cardiac Registry will form the foundation of the battle against cardiovascular diseases.”

“Aspects of the cardiovascular diseases epidemic in India are particular causes of concern, including its accelerated build-up, early age of disease onset in the population, and missing out on cases due to misdiagnosis and under-reporting of CVD and the high case fatality rate. The Cardiac Command Centreprovides a great opportunity to physicians in Urban & Sub-urban settings, Standalone clinics/nursing homes, National/State Medical Associations, Government Institutions, and New-Age Start-ups in cardiovascular space to join this network and gain access to knowledge and experience of over 300 cardiologists across the Apollo ecosystem to save precious lives,” addedMs. Preetha Reddy, Vice Chairperson, Apollo Hospitals Group.

AgimBeshiri, M.D., Senior Medical Director, Global Medical and Scientific Affairs for Abbott's diagnostics business said, “Abbott collaborates with likeminded partners to improve cardiac health outcomes worldwide. We are pleased to work with Apollo to set up a national cardiac registry that helps in assessing risk of cardiac events potentially years in advance. Abbott’s life-changing technology has the potential to transform how doctors identify those at risk for developing heart disease because our diagnostic test uses a biomarker specific to the heart. We’d like to congratulate Apollo Hospitals on building a powerful platform that combines healthcare and various technological innovations that have the potential to change the way cardiac diseases will be treated in future.”

“We are pleased to partner with Apollo Hospitals for the FUTURING cardiac care. Together, we created a process to connect a century old life-saving technology – ECG between patient, local General practitioner, and an expert cardiologist at the Apollo Command Centre. During our pilot run, we could guide 25000 patients from as far away as 2000 KM from the centre during chest pain, guide general practitioners to provide appropriate care to patients and provide timely support and intervention to save 250 of them who were going through acute MI,” said S Ganesh Prasad, Managing Director, GenWorks Health Pvt Ltd., a Wipro GE Healthcare invested company.
“At Genworks we believe that we have to build a strong, connected eco-system – doctor at the point of care, patient, specialist at super hospitals and technology can make it happen and save lives. Our vision is to take technology and process as this to every physician in any part of the country to be able to intervene in times of need and save lives,”addedGanesh Prasad.

The Futuring Cardiac Care Summit, organised with support from partners including GenWorks, Abbott and HealthNet Global,  is a one of kind platform with an objective to eradicate the high risks of cardiovascular and its affinity towards the future generations and finding integrated solutions to screen and detect such complications in a more efficient way.