Students Make Shoe For Women's Safety

Students Make Shoe For Women's Safety

UTTAR PRADESH: Students of an engineering college in Moradabad have claimed to have invented a drone security system equipped with GPS for women's safety. This system uses circuits in a "sandal" - hence the name "sandal drone" - to send an alert to a drone when a woman who wears it triggers an alarm.

On pressing a panic button mildly, the footwear will generate a shock system that she can use to hit her assaulter.  

Once the woman sends a distress signal, a drone will fly towards her using the GPS and it will sound an alarm so that people near her can come forward to help.

"In India, rape and sexual assaults is a big problem. Hence, we have made use of a sandal and drone to create a safety system. The sandal is equipped with a panic button which can be triggered with a mild press during the time of need. It will generate a shock system which she can use to hit her assaulter," said Diwakar Sharma, one of the students involved in the project. 

Panic button in the sandal will generate an electric shock and trigger a drone movement.

The students shared details of how this safety system will be connected to the nearest police station. "The drone will send the location of the girl to her family and police with a message. It will also send a signal to the drone. Once a distress signal is sent, the drone will fly towards the user using the GPS... The drone will also record a video that will help police in their investigation later on," Mr Sharma said.

The professor under whose guidance the students completed the project said the technology can be converted into a product for the market.

He said the college is planning to patent it and provide some girls with prototypes of the security system.