Have a blast this Fathers Day with Cornitos

Have a blast this Fathers Day with Cornitos
Have a blast this Fathers Day with Cornitos

Have a blast this Fathers Day with Cornitos 

Cornitos Is By Your Side to make every special occasion memorable with DIY KITS, Nacho Crisps, Roasted Nuts and Seeds, and many more products!


New Delhi, June 2021: Every dad is unique, so a one-size-fits-all gift isn't going to suffice this Father's Day. This Fathers Day celebration with a wide range of Cornitos products. Make Sunday a day of rest and fun-filled activities to do with your dad - below are some suggestions to show your true appreciation for his love with little celebrations. 


For the fashionable and fun moments with father 

If your dad can rock any outfit, from colored t-shirts and joggers on weekends to a suit or chinos with a crisp shirt on weekdays. The Cornitos Myntra Pack (

https://shop.cornitos.in/collections/myntra-offer) is the best choice. Inside Cornitos Pack is a QR code, scanning will take you to the Myntra site and offer a discount of up to Rs 750 on a minimum purchase of two products on select styles. This offer gives you a double benefit of healthy snacking and staying on-trend. 


For the dad who loves to hit the gym 

Whether it's raining or cold, your dad never misses his morning run, then the Cornitos Healthy Munch Combo (Melange + Quinoa + Beetroot + Salsa Dip 50g) - ( https://shop.cornitos.in/collections/nacho-crisps/products/healthy-munch-combo-quinoa-melange-spinach-salsa-dip-50g ) is the right fit to his health snacks collection. This Fathers Day, you can prepare a colorful acai bowl and top it with Cornitos Super Seeds ( https://shop.cornitos.in/collections/offer/products/cornitos-super-seeds-200g) Cornitos Immunity Booster Pack Nuts (Lightly Cashews + Lightly Salted Almonds) Combo ( https://shop.cornitos.in/collections/offer/products/immunity-booster-pack-nuts-ls-cashew-ls-almonds) for breakfast he would remember and enjoy. 



For movie nights 

Movie nights create special memories as we rewatch the movies we love and that brings back the times we thought were lost. This Fathers Day, set up a movie night with your dad and make it exceptional with Cornitos Nachos Chips Assorted Combo Pack (60g X 10 Packs - 5 Flavours X 2 Each) ( https://shop.cornitos.in/collections/nacho-crisps/products/cornitos-assorted-nacho-crisps-60g-x-10-packs-5-flavours-x-2-each)



For the dad who is the life of every party 

Every party needs a rockstar to make it a bang, if your dad makes the spotlight in all your parties, give him the snacks that would fit his lifestyle. Cornitos Party Mix ( https://shop.cornitos.in/collections/offer/products/cornitos-party-mix-450g) and Cornitos Corn Nuts - Cheesy Jalapeno ( https://shop.cornitos.in/collections/nuts-seeds/products/cornitos-corn-nut-cheesy-jalapeno-150g) are the perfect ice breakers for all party moments in your life. 


For the dad who is the best chef 

If your dad absolutely adores the idea of cooking you a meal that would leave an impact on your heart and stomach or if he is just a novice lockdown chef, Cornitos can help him be an expert at Mexican delicacies. From the Cornitos DIY KITS ( https://shop.cornitos.in/collections/diy-kits-ready-to-cook-1) that are a perfect lazy day meal as they can be prepped in less than 10 minutes to Cornitos Tortilla Wraps ( https://shop.cornitos.in/collections/tortilla-wraps) that can be transformed into lip-smacking dinners with numerous topping options.  



So celebrate this Fathers Day with Cornitos By My Side and give you a perfect day to carouse with your dad. 


About Cornitos

Cornitos is the largest brand in the Nachos Crisps category in India. Cornitos Brand Portfolio includes Nachos Crisps, Veggie Nachos, Taco Shells, Chunky Salsa Dips, Tortilla Wraps, DIY KITS, Corn Nuts, Party Mix, SuperSeeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Roasted Premium Nuts - Cashews & Almonds, Coated Green Peas and Pickles - Jalapeno Peppers & Gherkins. Cornitos has an extensive distribution network across Pan India. Complete Range of Products available on Cornitos ecommerce website, Retail, E-Retail and Modern Trade stores. Institutional sales across through Airlines, Horeca, Multiplexes and Cafes. Cornitos products are exported globally, to the UK, Canada, Australia, Africa, Middle East and SouthEast Asia. Over the past year, Cornitos has been recognized for its range of flavors in different categories and quality products. In 2020, Cornitos was awarded with The Economic Times Best Brands 2020 Award in Snacks Category. Recently, the brand won ‘Free from Food Awards 2021’, UK.


About Greendot Health Foods

Greendot Health Foods Pvt Ltd was the first company to launch Nacho Crisps in Indian snacks. The production facility at Roorkee, Haridwar district, Uttarakhand, is equipped with state-of-the-art processing machinery and is manned by a team committed to quality. GHFL is ISO-22000, HACCP certified company. It also has registrations from FSSAI and US FDA.