Here's some mid-week motivation from Rangan Vathiayar of Amazon Prime Video's Sarpatta Parambarai

Here's some mid-week motivation from Rangan Vathiayar of Amazon Prime Video's Sarpatta Parambarai
Here's some mid-week motivation from Rangan Vathiayar of Amazon Prime Video's Sarpatta Parambarai
Here's some mid-week motivation from Rangan Vathiayar of Amazon Prime Video's Sarpatta Parambarai

Here's some mid-week motivation from Rangan Vathiayar of Amazon Prime Video's Sarpatta Parambarai




Amazon Prime Video’s Sarpatta Parambarai, has opened to a resoundingly positive response, and rave reviews from fans and critics alike. Filmmaker Pa.Ranjith’s research on the story for over a decade, and the cast and crew’s tireless efforts for the past two years, has culminated in the production of a masterpiece that seamlessly embodied the heart and soul of the 70s, and the historic North Madras boxing culture.




The film had several characters, each playing a pivotal and meaningful role. Each actor had played their part so perfectly, making it nearly impossible for someone to pick a single favourite. However, the character of Rangan Vaathiyar, played by Pasupathy was a sureshot standout in the ensemble cast of Sarpatta Parambarai. His blazing screen presence and dialogue delivery makes the movie worth the watch.




Here are a few quotes from the memorable ‘Vaathiyar’ that left a lasting impression on us -




“Pattampoochi maari parakkanum, kolaavi maari kottanum” (You should float like a butterfly, and sting like a bee)



A direct reference to boxing legend Muhammad Ali and his most famous quote, “float like a butterfly, sting like a killer bee”, Rangan Vathiyar narrates this quote in Tamil to motivate Kabilan (essayed by actor Arya) before he sets off to face his opponent in his first ever mainboard boxing match. A phrase that was placed quite subtly in the monologue, but was more than enough to send chills down the spine for the viewers!




“Unna minjinavan avan kedaiyadhu, nalla mandiala ethiko!” (He's not a better boxer than you, get that into your head!)



In one of the very hard-hitting and inspirational scenes of the movie, Kabilan trains hard to beat Dancing Rose, who has a reputation of being virtually unbeatable. Seeing him struggle, Rangan Vathiyar motivates his protégé with a fiery monologue, followed by a hit on his head. An unnerved Kabilan can be seen grasping all that his coach says with sincere reverence, which later helps him during the course of the match.




“Avan adikran nu theriyudhu la, nee mudiyama keezha uzhanum nu dhan avan kaathutu irukan! Eri adichitu poite iru da!” (Don’t you realize that he’s trying to hit you? He’s waiting for you to give up and fall, just go ahead and beat him to a pulp!)



This quote from Vathiyar comes at a very crucial stage of the film. Rangan Vathiyar hesitantly shows up to the game, and although Kabilan starts off well - he’s bruised and beaten up by his opponent. He breaks his silence with Kabilan and lets him know he’s there to see him win. The coach’s presence and encouraging words instils a wave of confidence in Kabilan, who then proceeds to fight with all his might.




“Onjirukardhu un odambu dhan, manasu kallu maari dhan irukudhu!” (Your body is exhausted, but your mind is still strong as a rock!)



Rangan Vaathiyar doesn’t talk much in the film in comparison with the other characters, but whenever he speaks, he hits the nail on its head. At a most crucial point, in a crucial game, he rekindles fire and passion in his loyal disciple who at that point seems to have exhausted all his physical and mental stamina in what looked like a never-ending clash between him and his archnemesis. The coach’s words (and a timely slap) then helps Kabilan take on his opponent with a renewed fire and passion.




If you haven’t watched Sarpatta Parambarai yet, tune in to Amazon Prime Video to join Kabilan on his journey to redemption, and reclaim his clan’s lost fame!














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