IILM University’s PressPsych Palooza Marks A Historic Celebration of Knowledge and Creativity 

IILM University’s PressPsych Palooza Marks A Historic Celebration of Knowledge and Creativity 
IILM University’s PressPsych Palooza Marks A Historic Celebration of Knowledge and Creativity 
IILM University’s PressPsych Palooza Marks A Historic Celebration of Knowledge and Creativity 
IILM University’s PressPsych Palooza Marks A Historic Celebration of Knowledge and Creativity 
IILM University’s PressPsych Palooza Marks A Historic Celebration of Knowledge and Creativity 

IILM University’s PressPsych Palooza Marks A Historic Celebration of Knowledge and Creativity 


Greater Noida, October 25, 2023: Witnessing a grand celebration of diverse aspects of Liberal Arts, Journalism, media and Psychology, the five-day extravaganza, PressPsych Palooza by IILM University, marked a resounding success. 


The event commenced on October 9th with a captivating lamp-lighting ceremony, followed by a Saraswati Vandana. The University's Chancellor and Vice Chancellor graced the occasion, underlining the significance of intellectual curiosity, creativity, and the liberal arts. The attendees also enjoyed a mesmerising classical dance performance that set the stage for the five-day event. 


The inaugural day of the event also witnessed a thought-provoking panel discussion titled ‘Media Influence on Youth Drug Abuse: Unpacking the Problem,'' in which eminent experts, including filmmaker and writer Mohit Priyadarshi and clinical psychologist Dr Anoop Kumar Koileri, shared comprehensive insights on the role of media in reflecting societal issues. 


The attendees were also treated to the vibrant Crafter's Carnival that showcased a host of stalls featuring delicious food, captivating art, engaging games, exquisite jewellery, creative tattoos, and much more.  


The day 1 of the PressPsych Palozza concluded with a thrilling theatrical performance titled "Lights Out," highlighting the critical and pressing issues of rape and crimes against women in society. 


The second day of the exceptional event welcomed the visitors with a beautiful fusion of classical music, thought-provoking discussions, and emotional moments.  


An expert talk by Mr Sanjiv Singh, Founder of PR Mantra, delved deeper into ‘Media Fusion: Unveiling the Intricate Synergy Between Public Relations and Influencer Dynamics.’ The discussion unearthed the transformative trends that are reshaping media communication in the digital age. 


Following this, a splendid photography competition unfolded under the expert guidance of globally acclaimed photographer, Ms. Riya David. The competition aimed to foster creativity and promote the art of visual storytelling, leaving a lasting impression on participants. 

The day ended on a high note with an enlightening Dance Movement Therapy workshop organised by Ms Tripura Kashyap. The workshop motivated individuals to explore their inner selves and to consider what they wished to let go of. 


The third day of PressPsych Palooza underscored the important convergence of psychology and mass media in our lives. The day kicked off with an extensive keynote speech delivered by Professor Shrikrishan, the retired director of MD University (PG Regional Centre), who shed light on India's role in the recent G20 summit and the global geopolitical landscape. 


In addition, a panel discussion titled ‘Perspectives on Mental Health: A Biological Illness or a Psychosocial Outcome?’ took centre stage. It included distinguished experts, including- Dr Vikram Singh Panwar, Renowned psychiatrist and co-founder of Synapses Neuropsychiatry clinic, Ms Namrata Upadhyay, Clinical psychologist and co-founder of Synapses Neuropsychiatry clinic, and Ms Nishtha Agarwal, Psychologist and co-founder of CMTAI, and Expressive Arts Therapist licensed as a Mental Health Counselor in Massachusetts, USA. 

Their valuable insights decoded the complexities of mental health and laid emphasis on the significance of prioritising self-care. 


The day also incorporated ‘Street-Wise Expressions,’ a nukkad natak on mental health, performed by the talented students of IILM University's Thespian Club. In addition to the spellbound performance, preeminent theatre artist Mr Parth Sharma shared his wealth of knowledge and experience in theatre, entertainment and acting. 


The day’s intellectual journey reached its zenith with a stimulating talk by Ms Priya Lanka, the co-founder and CEO of “We Avec U Group of Companies,” where she addressed the ethical dimensions of psychology. 


The fourth day of PressPsych Palooza commenced with a lively and well-synchronised dance performance by the skilful members of the IILM University Dance Society - Oormi. The energetic performance emphasised the importance of being aware of one's mental health and seeking help whenever required. 


Post the energising dance session, the visitors participated in a photography workshop guided by veteran creative director and photographer Mr Shahjahan. The workshop aimed to teach students how to capture emotions, personality, and narratives via their photographs. Subsequently, a stunning Bharatanatyam performance by Bhavya Bharati, a journalism student at IILM, enchanted the audience with her intriguing expressions and graceful movements. 


Another exciting event of the day was an insightful panel discussion that focused on the ever-changing media landscape and the crucial role of journalism in shaping public opinion. It witnessed senior journalists, including Ms Nidhi Razdan and Ms Shailjaa Vajpayee, the editorial advisor of The Print, delivering insights on how the media can influence narratives and even legislation. 


The day concluded with an engaging group art therapy session, allowing students and faculty to unlock their creativity and express their emotions. 


The fifth and concluding day of PressPsych Palooza featured a musical mashup by the Swaraag Society of IILM University that filled the air with melodious tunes, setting a cheerful mood. Another key highlight of the event was the "Kissa Goi Competition" which showcased students' imaginative storytelling talents and was judged by performing arts professional Ms Deepshikha Sharma. 


Also, numerous NGO stalls displayed beautifully handcrafted items, adding vibrancy to the event. Among them were 'Goonj' and 'Swahaa Foundation.'  


The concluding day also encompassed an intellectual panel discussion on "Women at Work," featuring Ms Somya Lakhani, Associate Editor at Hindustan Times, and Ms Bhavna Mahajan, an entrepreneur. Both experts shared inspiring thoughts on workplace experiences and challenges, including gender bias, wage gaps, and work-life balance. 


The event came to an end with an enthusiastic flash mob and a valedictory ceremony, expressing gratitude to guests, faculty, and students for making PressPsych Palooza an unparalleled success. 


''PressPsych Palooza marked the convergence of liberal arts, psychology, and mass media, fostering intellectual curiosity, creativity, and self-discovery. It demonstrated the potential of knowledge and creativity in shaping a brighter future and served as a strategic platform to bring together esteemed personalities, experts, students, and faculties in a vibrant celebration of imagination and knowledge,'' said Prof. Aditi Gupta, English Literature, Journalism, and Communication at IILM University, Greater Noida.