One World Vastu Is Calling You Out for a Farewell and a Welcoming Ceremony

One World Vastu Is Calling You Out for a Farewell and a Welcoming Ceremony
One World Vastu Is Calling You Out for a Farewell and a Welcoming Ceremony

One World Vastu Is Calling You Out for a Farewell and a Welcoming Ceremony

New Delhi, March 1, 2022: One World Vastu is a Vastu Shastra and Astrology  teachings providing institute with key objective to provide vastu and Astrology  knowledge to those yearning for it. Along with the knowledge and resources, the students also receive proper certification and work opportunities that help them in forming a career in vastu and astrology related fields.

Lead by the dynamic duo of, “Vastu  Acharya and Trainer Sagar Chug” and “Vastu Acharya Eshaa”, One World Vastu is holding a “Convocation Ceremony” for the batch of 2021-2022. This ceremony is held to bid farewell to the last year students and welcome the new students simultaneously.

The main pillars of One World Vastu are its two spirited Acharyas;

Acharya Sagar Chug is a renowned Vastu Shastra Books Author, Vedic Astrologer, Vastu Acharya, Numerologist, Gemstones Expert, Occult Trainer & Life Coach who has been awarded multiple times with awards.

Acharya Eshaa is one of India's leading scientific vastu training providers and consultants. She is also known for her Vastu Remedy cards classes in Delhi NCR. Along with that, Acharya Esha has also written the book named “Guide to Vastu Remedy Cards”. With these leading wonderful Acharyas, One World Vastu hopes to help as much as it can by teaching them about the benefits of leading a life full of vedic culture.

This convocation ceremony is also aimed to provide the next generation with a glimpse of the amazing life they can lead by learning about Vedic Culture. The venue  for One World Vastu’s convocation ceremony is at Lemon Tree Hotel, Sohna Road, Gurgaon, on the 26th of Feb 2022. The decided timing for this convocation ceremony to take place is 9 am.

Words From Our Acharyas

With the help of this convocation ceremony, One World Vastu hopes to help many people form a better connection with Sanatan Vidya. Therefore, allowing people to utilise many of the benefits that the Vedic Culture  and its Vidya has.

“This is a small effort to give every family an opportunity to get connected to Sanatan Vidaya and get all the benefits of our Vedic culture and Vidya to make life easier and full of abundance and happiness. He also aims to make our next generation get connected with these awe-inspiring Vedic treasures.” Says Acharya Sagar Ji.

By doing so, it aims to display the connecting link between the abundance and happiness that Vedic culture provides. This is really great though that  he is making efforts to connect the next generation with the treasure the Vedic culture holds, in an easier way and also spreading awareness about it.

With the help of this convocation, One World Vastu aims to provide a fitting farewell to their previous batch of 2021-2022 and provide a warm welcome to their new learners.

In the last session that we hold with our students, we get to hear about all of the thoughts they have of us.

To get a better idea let’s hear some words that our students use to describe us. Our students mainly describe our teachings with the words such as “truly mind-blowing”, ``Easy and Practical Learning ``, '' Life Changing Event, “enlightening”, “Extraordinary”, and “Vastu Perfect Living Vedic Approach”.

Name of Students That are Honored by Acharya Sagar and Eshaa ji as One World Vastu Acharya are Saurabhh Bajaj, Shubham Kapoor, Ashok Singh, Prachi  Dixit, Manoj Gupta, Priyanka Vats, Vaishali Singh, Rakesh Kunar, Sapna Bajaj, Rekha Gard, Ratan Pal, Poonam, Bhavesh, Shivpujan, Shubhra  Basu, Nirmal Singla, Ketan, Sushant Singh, Vishwa Bhushan, Sangeeta Chauhan, Arpit S Bhati, Hemant Sharma, Bishwajeet, Biswabushan.