Horiba Medical India unveils Horiba India Technical Institute

Horiba Medical India unveils Horiba India Technical Institute
Horiba Medical India unveils Horiba India Technical Institute

.HORIBA aims to encourage aspirants to realize their full potential by converting vocational studies into true education

·It also aims to create skilled manpower so that India doesn’t rely on other nations for collecting correct samples and effective treatments

Technical Education System in India has grown into a fairly the large-sized system, offering opportunities for education and training in a wide variety of trades and disciplines. And, adding more to the education scenario in India, Horiba Medical India, one of the leading IVD healthcare brands, has launched Horiba India technical Institute (HITI) in association with Healthcare Sector Skill Council (HSSC), a certifying body under the ministry of skill and excellence.

The institute aims to provide various specialized professional courses, conceptual understanding of differed IVD technologies and best laboratory practices along with NLP trainings. The courses are conducted by pioneer clinical experts including pathologists, doctors and technology experts and are specially designed for MLT students, Technicians, administrators, phlebotomists, quality managers and doctors.

“Science and Technology have influenced almost every section of the society that people can’t imagine their life without it. Nonetheless there are still areas especially in the healthcare sector which are not utilizing technology optimally. To bridge this existing gap technical education is required to enhance the skill and mindset to make right clinical decisions as well as improve patient safety. First time we have undertaken such an initiative and we believe that India is the perfect place to upskill people through technology. At the end of the day learning is a never ending process our institute will focus on collection of patient samples, better handling as well as better diagnostics that will augur well for both clinicians as well as patients. With this institute we are looking to form a touch base for the future of technology that will educate healthcare professional to use technology efficiently and effectively,” said Dr Rajeev Gautam, President, Horiba India.

Besides providing a quality education, HITI also focuses on training, skills and providing maximum assistance in guiding the student’s in making their future choices.

“We all know that academics are necessary but are you actually employable? Are you able to enter into a lab and be efficient?  This is when it becomes a different story. HITI focuses on training, skills, ability to answer relevant questions and prescribe effective treatments to students who will be the perfect fit for a job when they complete their education,” said Mr. Arnaud Pradel, General Manager, Medical Segment leader and HORIBA Corporate Officer.