Globally renowned VIVAMAYR comes to Bengaluru with RESET

Globally renowned VIVAMAYR comes to Bengaluru with RESET

VIVAMAYR along with Reset Bangalore organize a health talk

 September 27th, 2019, Bengaluru: RESET Bengaluru invited VIVAMAYR, a globally acclaimed health center to conduct a Medical Talk presented by Dr. Christine Stossier on Metabolic Diseases and Biological Strategies. During this first time two day visit to Bengaluru, VIVAMAYR presented VIVAMAYR philosophy and Modern Mayr Medicine. It is famed for weight loss, skincare and chronic disease therapy programs and is popular amongst royals, Hollywood and Bollywood & Sports Celebrities and International dignitaries. VIVAMAYR’s philosophy is rooted in a mindful way of living, taking both physical and psychological health into account. They are known for their unique brand of modern diagnostics and medicine programs, which involve both diet and lifestyle changes.


The talk at RESET highlighted integrative medicine approach with prominent doctors in the city. Dr Christine also share the effect of food on body & brain function; quantity of food intake VS. metabolism & Metabolic Diseases diagnosis & therapeutic consequences. The conference highlighted understanding on how the medical community can merge its knowledge and offer integrative diagnosis and medicine to their patients.

 Dr. Christine StossierCo-Founder and Medical Doctor VIVAMAYR says, “VIVAMAYR has a global recognition as a go-to destination for health lovers across the globe. We have been in India frequently in the last few years and this gave us an opportunity to dive deep into the health challenges in India. We are excited to be in Bangalore for the first time with the support of RESET as our core philosophies are aligned and we both endeavor to make the lives of our clients better. Our doctors have a proven track record in treating conditions prevalent to modern living by combining natural therapies with state-of-the-art medical diagnostics and treatments.”

  Speaking about the conference, Arnav Kumar, Managing Director, RESET says, “RESET and VIVAMAYR are built on the same underlying philosophy – providing a holistic approach to balance and build your mind, body, and soul. With the youngsters of this generation prioritizing the balance between your mental and physical health, we are further exploring with VIVAMAYR on future visits to focus on providing this balance to the customers in a more holistic and personalized way. We are happy to associate with VIVAMAYR, we hope to encourage and inculcate the habit of healthy living in every individual.”

  RESET firmly believe a balance between mental and physical wellness. They believe that being healthy goes beyond physical fitness or body aesthetics. Reset’s lifestyle and health coaches work together with members to formulate holistic wellness programs that feature a variety of multi-disciplinary approaches, aimed at balancing and building your mind, body, and spirit. This consolidated approach recognizes the multidimensional nature of health, with nutrition, exercise, and wellness being at the center, as opposed to body-centric exercising and supplementation.