Xebia Academy ties up with Lovely Professional University offering professional certification in DevOps

Xebia Academy ties up with Lovely Professional University offering professional certification in DevOps
Xebia Academy ties up with Lovely Professional University offering professional certification in DevOps

Xebia Academy ties up with Lovely Professional University offering professional certification in DevOps


Hyderabad, 9th November 2021: Xebia Academy, one of the biggest names in the Ed-Tech market, has recently announced its association with Lovely Professional University (LPU). The IT giant—known to train industry in various modern technologies, has been expanding its higher education portfolio, LPU being the latest addition to its family.


Xebia and LPU’s association will help bring in DevOps course to the latter’s classrooms, ensuring that students are no longer deemed industry freshers and they graduate with enough experience to meet respective job needs. Xebia Academy is one of the leading names to expand on software development, DevOps & Automation, and Cloud, bringing these technologies as courses to classrooms. Together with LPU, Xebia Academy will be able to build strong software engineers and developed skilled professionals who will further understand modern technology and automation in depth.


Addressing on the Academic Alliance, Mr. Brijesh Kohli - Director Xebia Academy said “A student can transform into an expert for ‘deployment’ only when the gap between industry and knowledge is bridged. Xebia Academy aims at engineering a future where every student emerges as highly efficient, not just in the theoretical aspects, but practical as well. Students will also be mentored by CXO-level experts and IT maestros. They will be able to track their progress and review their evaluation on Xebia’s Learning Management System”.


Mr. Kohli further added that “as part of this MoU, Xebia will coach students with their challenge-driven gamification tool.The trainings are smartly incorporated into the pre-existing schedules of the batches, and industry experts, who are a part of Xebia’spool of trainers will give practical training of the problems based on real situations. Academy’s curriculum that is set for the students is determined and thoroughly reviewed by professionals to check whether it covers the ongoing practices of the technical worldto produce a talent hub of skilled and competent individuals”.


Dr. Lovi Raj Gupta, Vice Chancellor, Lovely Professional University said – “We are pleased to collaborate with Xebia Academy for enhancing the quality and depth of our technology courses. We seek to provide our students with best-in-class education and knowledge which will benefit them in the long run.”


About Xebia Academy


Xebia Academy provides training to teams, working professionals, students, IT aspirants, specializing in Data & AI, Cloud, DevOps, Business Agility, Security, Training & Learning, Software Development, Product Management and Quality Improvement. By training over 1 lakh students in India and across the globe, and a body of highly skilled trainers and consultants, Xebia Academy aims to bridge the gap between on-ground technologies and ambitious individuals, bringing proficiency to the industry.


Taking advantage of their expertise in the IT sector and client reports, Xebia Academy has built a solution-driven curriculum. Their tryst with IT as an industry has brought them face to face with multiple challenges and numerous ways to approach these challenges. It is their experience of all these years that Xebia Academy brings to the table.


About Lovely Professional University (To be provided by LPU)


Lovely Professional University is a private university situated in Phagwara, Punjab, India. The university was established in 2005 by Lovely International Trust, under The Lovely Professional University Act, 2005 and started operation in 2006. In India, LPU is recognised by the University Grants Commission, the National Council for Teacher Education and the Council of Architecture. It is also a member of the Association of Indian Universities. Lovely Professional University has emerged as a leader in the field of education. It is an institution that has the best-in-class teaching, learning, research, entrepreneurship, and leadership facilities.