Elangovan refutes Vijayadharani allegations as baseless

Elangovan refutes Vijayadharani allegations as baseless
Elangovan refutes Vijayadharani allegations as baseless

Chennai: Congress MLA Vijayadharani, who has become of the face of the party in recent times to hurl allegations against the TNCC president EVKS Elangovan, after he asked her quit the party.

She shot off an email to the Congress president Sonia Gandhi in which she accused the TNCC president of using unparliamentary language and said he suffered from bouts of short temper while dealing with women. She said Elangovan's men tore and removed Indira Gandhi's banner during a programme to mark Mahila Congress Women Empowerment Day on 19 November and threw into into washroom.

'When I made complaint, instead of taking action against such persons, he used filthy, abusive, defamatory language against me and asked me to quit the party. Harassing women has become routine for him and this is damaging our party's image among women in Tamilnadu,' she said in the letter.

Further, the Vilavancode MLA said all major parties in Tamilnadu were headed by women, but things were different in the Congress here. There is danger of women politicians getting demoralised in the State unit of the Congress.

The habit of Elangovan bad mouthing people, especially women, would have a deep impact on the party's prospect in the forthcoming Assembly elections. 'His continuance as the party leader will definitely hurt our party.'

Reaffirming her loyality, Vijayadharini said. 'I have not moved out to any other party in all these years and remained a loyalist to the Congress and the Gandhi family. Since, it was Sonia and Rahul who encouraged me to work, Elangovan cannot ask me to get out of the party, which I love so much. Since I am always indebted to them I did not approach the media on this issue in the past'.

Elongavan denies charges

TNCC president EVKS Elangovan today denied allegations levelled by Congress MLA S Vijayadharani.

Addressing mediaperson Elangovan said, 'I have never used abusive or filthy words against any woman or party member in my lifetime. Some party members are alleging that I have used unparliamentary language against a Congress MLA. But It is not true. Some people are spreading false information about the party and its activities'

Questioned about the Vijayadharani's letter to Sonia, Elangovan said, 'I have no idea about any such letter. Nobody has informed me that such a letter was written to Sonia by MLA S Vijayadharani.'

Elangovan refutes Vijayadharani allegations as baseless